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Supergroup Sonic Branding Co.

67 Mowat Ave., Suite 037, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3
T: (416) 524-8118
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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: Advertising, Film/Television Production

Supergroup Sonic Branding Co. ( is a global music supervision and transmedia creative agency based in Canada. Our creative music supervisors, curators and specialists have decades of experience licensing and placing music for film, television, web, new media, events, interactive experiences and branding initiatives. Supergroup works with the best audio production houses to produce original and exclusive songs and remixes and covers by established and emerging artists, remixers, and composers around the globe. Supergroup’s playlisting division delivers unique and personalised playlist subscription services for lifestyle brands.  

Casco Agency

1179 King Street West, Suite 109, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3
T: (416) 921-0082
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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: Marketing


CASCO is a strategic branding agency.


At CASCO we work to create better brands. We help our clients embrace change in pursuit of improvement and business growth. We are problem solvers and opportunity seekers. Our approach is collaborative and combines client insights with our ingenuity. The product of our work is informed and has one primary objective, to create business value.



Brand Development

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Website Design and Development

Print and Digital Advertising

Graphic Design

Dundurn Press Limited

3 Church St., Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M2
Contact: Meaghan Frauts T: (416) 214-5544
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Property: Market Street Block | Categories: Publisher

For over forty four years, Dundurn and its associated imprints have published about three thousand Canadian-authored titles, of which more than half are still in print. These books have been awarded or nominated for the Governor General’s Literary Award, the Commonwealth Writers Prize; the Rogers Writer’s Trust Fiction Prize and many more.
Dundurn continues to be a leader in the development of the Canadian e-Book market and today distributes e-Books to more than seventy-five e-retailers and wholesalers in sixty territories around the world, with new accounts being added each year.

C'est What?

67 Front St. E., Toronto, Ontario M5E 1B5
Contact: Brenda Atkinson T: (416) 867-9499
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Property: Market Street Block | Categories: Restaurants

Toronto's best choice in craft beer and comfort food can be found in the casual, charming cellar of a historic building in the St. Lawrence Market area. Featuring the biggest selection of Canadian craft brews on tap, an all Ontario VQA wine list, art, indie music, board games, and pool tables, C’est What has true local flavour.

C’est What is Toronto’s original craft beer and wine restaurant that has consistently preached from the book of local and has left the Irish to have their own kind of pubs, the French their own style of wine, the Americans their own roadhouse food, and top-forty music to the radio stations. Since first opening it’s doors in 1988 C’est What has always been a proud Canadian cultural ambassador.

Against all conventional wisdom they have continually championed the little guy and have been an example to a new generation of establishments that are forging their own way without the influence of corporate tie-ins. As founder George Milbrandt says: “We believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. It is our passion for what we do that keeps us showing up for work every day. Well, that and the beer.


11 Church St., Suite 401, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W1
T: (416) 861-9404
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Property: Market Street Block | Categories: Real Estate

CAPREIT is a real estate investment trust that owns apartments in Canada.  Its Trust Units are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Canadian Retransmission Collective

74 The Esplanade, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1A9
Contact: Carol J. Cooper T: (416) 304-0290
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Property: Market Street Block | Categories: Film/Television Production

Represents claims to Canadian retransmission royalties on behalf of owners of independently produced Canadian content programs, programs carried on PBS signals, programs owned by non-North Americans and Canadian educational broadcasters.

Bousfields Inc.

3 Church St., Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M2
Contact: Sue Brow T: (416) 947-9744
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Property: Market Street Block | Categories: Consulting

Bousfields Inc. offers a wide range of land use planning and urban design services to the development industry, municipalities and government agencies.  The firm remains small enough to ensure that a partner or associate has direct responsibility for each project.  The firm is frequently a prominent team player within multi-disciplinary consortiums of firms having complementary skills.  It often acts as the prime facilitator or project manager, co-ordinating the overall project design, while working with a number of different landowners and municipal staff.  The firm has grown over its first 35 years to a complement of approcimately 22 planners, designers and support staff.

Baxter Structures

3 Church St., Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M2
Contact: Kyla Baxter T: (416) 947-1266
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Property: Market Street Block | Categories: Lawyers and Legal Services

Baxter Structures was founded in 1978 and is Canada’s first family owned and operated structured settlement firm. With more than 35 years in the industry, Baxter Structures continues to be a leader through exemplary support and services which guarantees that every client is given the means to move on.

Alternative Resolution Group

3 Church St., LL2, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M2
Contacts: Shari Novick, Guy Jones T: (416) 369-9177
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Property: Market Street Block | Categories: Mediation and Arbitration Services

Provide mediation and arbitration services in the personal injury, employment and law fields.


3 Church St., LL5, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1M2
T: (416) 861-0159
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Property: Market Street Block

AppCentrica designs, develops, and delivers enterprise-class web and mobile business applications with a level of craftsmanship that sets us apart.