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1179 King St. W., Suite 015, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C5
Contact: Christina Bagatavicius T: (416) 230-2939
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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: Art Consultancy, Cultural

Bespoke is a forward-looking consultancy that amplifies the vitality of cultural life. Our expertise lies at the intersection between strategic planning, communications, design and cultural programming. 

We are constantly looking for new ways of making contemporary culture - in all of it's forms - inspiring and meaningful to a diverse range of audiences. 



Paper & Poste

67 Mowat Ave., Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3
Contact: Beckee Kavanagh T: (416) 703-0004

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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: Design Studio

An established stationery studio located in the heart of King West, specializing in custom & letterpress design. Where paper comes to play!

Brandon Communications

67 Mowat Ave., Suite 443, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3
Contact: Danny Roth T: (416) 850-0614
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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: Public Relations

A public relations firm that serves companies with something to say, Brandon Communications is a trusted partner of leading Canadian companies.  With experience in a variety of market segments, Brandon Communications has developed a unique expertise meeting the communication needs of Canadian commercial and residential real estate companies.  Founded on the belief that "clients deserve better", Brandon Communications offers singular solutions for unique opportunities.  From crisis communications, to event management, to media relations Brandon Communications helps companies be heard!

ENT Marketing

1179 King St. W., Suite 316, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C5
T: (416) 304-9640
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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: Marketing

Marketing solutions for the music industry.

Alchemy Systems

67 Mowat Ave., Suite 432, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3
Contact: Michael Holland T: (416) 532-9333
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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: E-Learning Solutions

Alchemy Systems is the global leader in helping companies engage with their frontline workforces to drive safety and productivity. Out entire organization, from engineers to software developers, to artists, videographers, support staff, account managers, and consultants, is dedicated to the success of our clients.

More than two million frontline workers at 20,000 locations use Alchemy’s tailored learning, communications, and performance programs to safeguard food, reduce workplace injuries, and improve operations. Alchemy works with food growers, manufacturers, processors, distributors, restaurants, and retailers of all sizes to create a culture of operational excellence.

Green Party of Ontario

67 Mowat Ave., Suite 035, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E3
T: (416) 977-7476
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Property: Toronto Carpet Factory | Categories: Non-Profit